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Pioneering multidisciplinary, non-invasive research within the

Recherche Archipelago of South Western Australia.

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Our mission at Finding Salisbury Inc is to drive world leading non-invasive multi-disciplinary research at Salisbury island and within the Recherche Archipelago of South Western Australia.

Salisbury Island is on of the most remote places in Australia. It is likely the first island created off Australia, separated from the mainland over 13,000 years ago. It is an amazing thriving ecosystem, hosting numerous forms of unique flora and fauna, as well as archaeological evidence and remains of ancient Aboriginal heritage.

At Finding Salisbury inc. we practice revolutionary minimal impact observation techniques that allow us to conduct our multi-disciplined research in an unprecedented manner.  We strive to research without altering animal behaviour, creating unique and authentic data into the natural animal behaviour.

Finding Salisbury inc. also works with Traditional Owners and local knowledge not only to research wildlife but to also carry out culturural initiatives focusing on the Recherche Archipelago’s ancient human occupation.




Salisbury Island has been identified as the only known great white hotspot in the world that has not yet been impacted by humans. Finding Salisbury are driving world leading non-invasive research at this location.


Salisbury Island hosts a population of wallaby which has miraculously survived for over 13,000 years since being separated from mainland Australia.  The island has a special eco-system and many different species from tics to lizards, some of which may be unique to the island itself.



Salisbury Island was a part of the mainland of Australia some 13,000 years ago.  This special island can hold the secrets to aboriginal life at this time.  Archaeologist David Guilfoyle, Marc Payne and Aboriginal Elder Doc Reynolds are trying to unravel the islands fascinating history and secrets.


Salisbury Island hosts the largest New Zealand fur seal population in Western Australia. Each year hundreds of pups are born on the island and learn to swim in the rocky pools at waters edge.



Marc Payne

Having spent the past 30 years under the waters of the Recherche Archipelago, Marc Payne is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable people on the functioning of the archipelago’s marine environment. Marc has had over 13 unprovoked white shark encounters whilst diving and has been involved in white shark research for the past decade. Marc is credited with identifying Salisbury island as a  great white hotspot and has been studying and protecting this pristine environment for the last decade. Marc has been involved in countless multidisciplinary research programs across the archipelago over the past thirty years.

Shelley Payne

Shelley Payne has an environmental engineering degree and masters in business and the environment. Shelley is also a management system specialist and auditor for environment, quality and health and safety management systems. Shelley’s passion is ensuring Finding Salisbury Inc's research is world leading, non-invasive and multi-disciplined so it can be a model for the course of future research. Shelley is responsible for documenting the management plans and procedures for all activities undertaken by Finding Salisbury Inc.

Dr Ross Anderson

Ross is an underwater archaeologist with the Western Australian Museum’s Department of Maritime Archaeology. He recently completed his PhD looking at cross-cultural contact in the historic sealing and whaling industries of WA’s south coast, and is working with the team to research underwater cultural heritage and submerged prehistoric landscapes in the area.

Mastermind & citizen scientist

Environmental specialist

Doc Reynolds

Aboriginal elder

Finding Salisbury ensures it works closely with Traditional Owners. Doc Reynolds knowledge is invaluable to the multi-disciplinary team at Finding Salisbury Inc. It is a pleasure to have Doc work with the Finding Salisbury team.

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Alice Forrest

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 4.41.12 pm.png

As an archaeologist and anthropologist, Genevieve is a valuable member of the Salisbury Team, helping us uncover the mystery of past human occupation within the Research Archipelago.  She has experience working with traditional land owners throughout Australia.

Marine Research



Maritime Archaeology &
Curator of WA Shipwreck Museum

Andre Rerekura

Sean Mathersul

Andy McGregor

Master waterman, diver & filmmaker

Filmmaker & photographer

Deckhand & research

Andre is a true master at sea. He is one of the most in demand watermen/cameramen in Australia. Andre has worked on some of the largest and most complex ocean documentaries ever filmed in Australia. He is an invaluable member of the team.

Practical, intelligent and competent, when boat operations are required to access some of the most remote places in Australia, and dive in dangerous waters, Sean is the man. Invaluable to the Finding Salisbury team Sean’s skills assist us to achieve our research goas in the most remote of environments.

With a degree in filmmaking and photography, Andy is invaluable to the finding Salisbury Inc. team. Assisting us in documenting our research work so we can share with the world our unique non-invasive total ecosystem approach to research. Andy also manages the website and social media.

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Thanks for your interest in our research. Get in touch with us for any questions or comments regarding our work and publications. We’d love to hear from you.

Esperance WA 6450, Australia

+61 0416 298 612

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